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A ride in a tuk-tuk

Tertúlia Algarvia and Far-Eco Tuk have created a joint programme of experiences that will enable you to discover the history of Faro and learn to prepare one of the region’s most iconic dishes: the cataplana.

The programme starts with a mini-tour in an electric tuk-tuk, which comprises a trip lasting around 45 minutes through the city, focusing on its best-known areas and its historical heritage.

The tour also includes a brief trip through the more modern part of the city, with a stop at the Municipal Market, where you will be welcomed by the chef of Tertúlia Algarvia, who will help you to choose the best ingredients for a fish and shellfish cataplana.

Then, the tuk-tuk will take you to the restaurant Tertúlia Algarvia, where you will learn to prepare these ingredients and to make a cataplana like a true chef. Finally, you will be invited to enjoy the recipe you have prepared and other specialities full of the flavours of the Algarve.


Starting time: 10h00

  • Mini-tour in an electric tuk-tuk
  • Visit to Faro market and ingredients purchase
  • Brief histoy of the cataplana
  • Cookery workshop
  • Full meal
  • Length: 5h15m

Minimum/maximum of participants: 2/6

Prices: under request


  • Apron + Participation certificate
  • Gift: Recipe book 'The Algarve cataplana: traditions and reinterpretations'

Registration: here