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Afternoon tiborna feast

Nowadays, tibornas are made all year round, but until quite recently, this was only done in the autumn because it was linked to tasting the new olive oil. On the pretext of testing the quality of the oil, people came together to celebrate the culmination of a long day of agricultural work with meals known as ‘tibornadas’ (tiborna feasts).

At these gatherings, tibornas and other typical and seasonal appetizers from the region were served. In this culinary experience, you will learn to make tow recipes: tiborna with mackerel fillets and lupin pate. 

Start: 3.30 pm | Duration: 2 hours

  • Screening of video about tiborna 
  • Cookery lesson
  • Snack, drinks included
  • Visit to the shop selling regional products at Tertúlia Algarvia

Prices: Vary depending on the number of participants

Children aged between 8 and 17 can participate, provided they are accompanied by an adult. Children aged 7 or under may only watch.

Includes: Apron + Participation certificate + Jar with the lupin pate cooked in the class 

Registration: here