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Appetizers and seafood

Appetizers and seafood
Merenda (bread, flavoured butter, olives and Algarve carrot salad) €4,60
Toasted bread with olive oil and aromatic herbs €4,60
Vegetable cream soup with almonds €4,40
Tomato cream soup with basil €4,40
Gazpacho Andaluz €4,40
Fish soup €6,70
Cured cheese with honey and almonds €5,60
Fig with goat cheese gratin €8,50
"Tiborna" of roasted sausage with honey and rosemary €8,90
Plate of cured ham €13,80
Sautéed mushrooms “à Guilho” €7,60
Tuna “estupeta” salad with sweet potato €9,10
Cod salad with chickpeas and bell peppers €9,10
“Tiborna” of mackerel fillet with red onion compote €8,90
“Tiborna” of dried tuna “muxama” with olive oil and oregano €8,90
Cockles €13,90
Razor clams €21,80
Clams €29,90
Fried prawns with garlic and orange €21,40

Special dishes

Special dishes
Octopus rice, Santa Luzia style [2 pax] €49,90
Monkfish and Shrimp Rice [2 pax] €49,50
Chicken Cataplana with spices and dried fruits €42,80
Octopus Cataplana with sweet potato and cockles [2 pax] €58,00
Fish and Seafood Cataplana (croaker, monkfish, shrimp, clams and razor clams) [2 pax ] €68,90

from the Grill

from the Grill
Seabass with roasted potatoes and salad €16,50
Golden bream with roasted potatoes and salad €16,50
Croaker steak with roasted potatoes and salad €31,80
Chicken Piri-piri with french fries and salad €14,90
Pork shoulder steak with french fries and salad €16,50
Entrecôte with french fries and roasted tomato €28,50


Cod gratin with shrimp and spinach €16,80
Shrimp curry with nuts and dried fruits rice €19,50
Octopus tentacles with sweet potatoes and sauteed greens €29,80


Duck rice with Monchique sausagues €14,90
Pork “piano” (ribs) Algarve BBQ style with french fries €19,90
Pork cheeks with sweet potato and greens €16,80


Shrimp salad with grapefruit, aspargus, almond and cocktail sauce €17,60
Chicken salad with bacon, peach, pineapple, coconut and garlic sauce €14,90
Tuna salad with green apple, beetroot and Caesar sauce €14,90


Vegetarian lasagna €14,90
Warm Salad (sautéed vegetables on maize porridge, with requeijão cheese, figs and basil) €17,00
Vegetarian cataplana (selection of vegetables, mushrooms and feta cheese) [2 pax] €32,90

For children

For children
Grilled chicken steak with rice and vegetables €12,50
Afonso III burguer (beef hamburger with tomato and cheese, served with french fries) €13,50


Sweet xarém (maize porridge) with honey and almonds €4,50
Chocolate mousse with carob crumble €4,40
‘Toucinho do Céu’ with bitter almond sauce €5,50
Almond pie €5,50
Slice of orange swiss roll €5,50
Algarve trilogy (almond, fig and carob dessert) €5,50
Dom Rodrigo (typical dessert of the Algarve made of eggs and sugar) €5,20
Melon / Pineapple / Grapes €3,30
Fruit salad €4,00
Ice cream bowl (2 flavours) €4,10